All about the artist

Hi there.

My name is Jordan Rodriguez, and I'm the creator of "The Daemos Chronicles" Universe. I've been working on the idea for many years, and after trying several mediums, I decided to bring it to life via graphic novel. I finished writing the story, but after working with a talented editor, Carly Hayward, I saw a whole new world already happening in my book. So at the moment I'm rewriting it little-by-little and simultaneously putting it in comic book form. A bit of a challenge, but no matter how well I write my novel, I want the reader to see what I see in my head when writing it.

A little bit more about me? I'm a college graduate and currently work as a junior content manager for a marketing agency that works for several dealerships. This seventh job since I graduated college, and so far it's the best. Wouldn't you know "7" is my lucky number, hah. I'm a bit of a numerology nerd.

I really hate to talk about myself, so I'll end this here for now.