About the Comic

Ah, "The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light".

Note the colon (:). This comic book or more so graphic novel is a series of stories, almost a collection if you would. Advent Light is the first story of "The Daemos Chronicles", but it surely won't be the last. The sequel is actually already in the works, and several events in the first book crossover into the second, which is always fun to see come full circle.

The story follows Lucious, his brother, and friend on a journey that starts in the world of the living and ends in the world of the Daemos, the Suntavelm.

I call "The Daemos Chronicles" a collection, because once the first book is finished and everything that is canon is set in stone, I'll be encouraging fan fiction from my readers. Anything I like enough, if it fits, could become canon and, if possible, published as a side story. Basically, if someone writes some amazing fan fiction that takes place in the Daemos Chronicles Universe, it may become a part of its history.

"The Daemos Chronicles" actually has an interesting beginning. You see, the series actually started as a collection of short stories, all with a recurring theme - teenagers or young adults have a near death experience and wake up with supernatural abilities. After several of these, a writer friend and I collaborated on a high fantasy story. Basically, we created an entire world a part from our own for the story to take place in.

The entire story took place from the point of view of what is now known as the "Shifters". By the end of the story, I realized the humans in this world were so mysterious and has so much potential, and then it clicked. I had all this material to work with, and over the course of lots of day dreaming, one day I saw down and wrote out the entire outline of the book in several hours.

That was back in 2011. No one said writing a book was easy, and it takes time to perfect. Now that I'm turning it into a comic book, it's even harder. If I thought describing the look of a building was hard, having to draw it over and over again from various angles is my own personal hell. All in a days work, though.