Happy Holidays!

This brings us to the end of the third chapter and officially the One-year Anniversary of The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light! Later this week I'll try to put up something to officially commemorate it. Going forward, I'll be starting some marketing and advertisement for the comic, any help is appreciated. While this hopefully gets some traction, I'll be writing and polishing the next episode over the next week or two, but don't worry. I expect to have at least the cover art for Chapter 4 within two weeks time at the latest. Lots of planning to do, some website construction for the blog page, and of course, in time, The Archives.

Take care!

P.S. I had an idea for this final image, a theme of black and white aside from the golden marks on the entity. I had this vision of Lucious almost fading into the abyss as the entity made contact in this flashback, but with a grey background it stands out better than a blank background. Here's the original for those interested.