The Archives is a long-term project that in every sense of the word is the encyclopedia for anyone new to or familiar with The Daemos Chronicles: Advent Light. Pulled from a concept within the book itself, The Archives is a collection of information that will give readers a deeper sense about the world of Advent Light and the Universe that The Daemos Chronicles exists in. This book will cover: world geography, history, various clans and tribes, the spirit world, and many more concepts. It’s currently a work in progress, but samples of each concept will be released on this page bi-weekly. Once the complete book is done, The Archives will be released to the world for free.

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The Daemos Chronicles takes place in a solar system similar to our own. However, this solar system is much grander than ours and has two visible stars. The world inhabited by the characters in The Daemos Chronicles revolves around an orange star much like our Sun, but their world is a part of a solar system where the orange star revolves around another, larger star. This larger star is what we would call a red giant.

The number of planets, inhabitable or not, are unknown to the characters in Advent Light, for the story takes place in an era before technology and industrialization occurs. Development of this world is currently simple, and although its inhabitants have been around for centuries, they are only in the first steps of their evolution. When compared to humans in our world, they are simultaneously both primitive and more advanced. It comes down to perspective, and what concepts are being studied.

Some concepts such as a village versus a city may be viewed as primitive, but the supernatural abilities these humans possess surpass our own evolutionary progress sevenfold. This world also shares similarities with ours, although they may define them differently. One of the most notable differences, aside from the two stars, would be the way they define the span of time, be it throughout the course of the day, or the entire year.


In Advent Light, a year is split up into cycles – two cycles make up a year. However, the term “year” does not exist in the language of this world, so when people refer to time, they may refer to a year as “two cycles.” At the beginning of each cycle, the farmers plant new herbs, fruit, and vegetables; at the end of each cycle, they harvest everything that bloomed and matured since then. The following morning, the cycle starts anew, and the action is repeated.

This is just one example of the term “cycle,” and how it affects the human village. On a grander scale, the beginning and ending of a cycle affects the entire world. Either can signify a change in the seasons, or greater yet, a supernatural instance taking place amongst the cosmos.

Celestial Events

Blood Moon

Because this world orbits around two Suns, throughout the span of each cycle they appear to be closer or further apart. At the end of each cycle, their orbits overshadow one another, with the red giant directly behind the orange sun. As the day grows older and night begins to fall, this blending of light from the two Suns is reflected off of the moon in a most peculiar way.

On any other day of a cycle, the moon would cast a dim white glow across this side of the world. On the eve of the last day of a cycle, the moon glows crimson red. Moreover, because it is being illuminated by two Suns at the time, the moonlight is brighter than usual, and bathes the world in a red glow as bright as twilight. This celestial event has come to be known as a “Blood Moon,” and happens once every cycle, signifying the beginning and ending of each. The human village and Shifter clans celebrate this event in their own way (See Rituals).

The Legendary Blood Eclipse

Thought to be only a legend, the Blood Eclipse is another event caused by the orbits of the two Suns. The Blood Moon is a common event that happens once every cycle, and the two Suns have never been known to align on any day other than that of a Blood Moon. However, it is said that one day, the two Suns will cross paths before their time, and the moon’s orbit will pass between them and the world, causing a solar eclipse.

In this Universe, solar eclipses are rare, nearly unheard of events. However, if a solar eclipse were to occur whilst the two Suns are aligned, it would give birth to the legendary event known as a Blood Eclipse. During this event, the entire world would be cast within a bright red aura that is almost blinding in comparison to the crimson glow of the Blood Moon.

The human tribe views the Blood Eclipse as the dawn of a new age of man and is the next step in spiritual evolution. In contrast, the Shifter tribes fear it due to a myth passed down through the generations. This myth states that a legendary beast will rise on the day of the Blood Eclipse and bring the end of the world.


The Mythos of the Daemos

Polytheism and Mythology

In The Daemos Chronicles Universe, there is no set religion or religious system. In the beginning of the series, starting with Advent Light, it is clear that there is a system of belief and faith, but it is spiritual in nature, and not institutionalized. Throughout Advent Light, it becomes clear that these beliefs surround several concepts, one of which being the Daemos (See Below). “Daemos” is both the singular and the plural term when referring to the Gods that exist within this Universe.

Between Advent Light and a future book (Chains of Tameseus), this polytheistic system of belief in Gods begins to fade over time. Centuries later, it splits off into two factions: religion and myth. There are groups of people who still praise the Daemos to date, and these groups have separated into further sub-factions: the religious and the spiritual.

Those that praise the Daemos religiously have perverted the ancient belief system of the Daemos, and use it as a means to convert people to their own set of beliefs and doctrines. Those that praise the Daemos spiritually stay closer to the ancient ways of prayer, meditation, and practice. However, due to a cult that is founded in Chains of Tameseus, these people are shunned, and most of them keep their practice secret. The rest of the world believes that the Daemos were nothing more than a myth, ancient stories told around bonfires passed along through the generations.

Given the polytheistic belief that there are multiple Daemos, there is one main Daemos, said to be the first to rise – Illucio, Lord of Life, Light, and Creation. However, the Lord of Life, Light, and Creation cannot exist without its contrast: Tameseus, Lord of Death and Destruction. These two always co-exist within this Universe, as one cannot kill the other; if such an event were to occur, it would cause an imbalance, and another Daemos would arise.

The Daemos
The Daemos are supernatural beings, each representing a concept or power in all of creation. There is no definite number of Daemos that exist within the Universe; they may be infinite, but there are several Daemos known of and said to be present.